Introducing Rebecca Dodman. 

I am pleased to be able to feature in my latest collaborative blog post a chat with Rebecca Dodman; a part time model who, like @Rations2R_n_R, has a particular enthusiasm for vintage style fashion.

Christine @Rations2R_n_R (C) Hello Rebecca. Thank you for talking to @Rations2R_n_R. Nothing pleases me more than the opportunity to introduce those starting out on their chosen journey. Please tell our followers a little about you.

Rebecca @rebecca_kdodman (R) I am hoping to start university next year as a film student focusing on old Hollywood and Weimar German cinema. I love going to WW2/vintage events in the summer; taking part as a reenactor, as I love the vintage lifestyle and culture around these events.

(C) You are a part time model. Please tell us about Rebecca; the model, including the shoot styles that you are looking for.

(R) As a model I love to indulge more in my vintage wardrobe and am starting to get into telling stories through the photos. I love doing lifestyle and portrait shots as well as fashion.

(C) Your Twitter profile @rebecca_kdodman indicates that you are a vintage model for Primm Rose Clothing. We would love to know more.

(R) Primm Rose Clothing is where I really started modelling at a more professional standard, they are a vintage retro clothing line handmade to great quality! About a month ago they held a competition looking for a new model to showcase new clothes they are bringing out this summer. I applied really thinking it would be fun to have a go and see what happens, so I wasn’t really determined to win as I thought it would just be quite fun to apply. When I won it was a great shock and I was full of excitement!! This was a whole new experience travelling down to Blackpool and having all these clothes custom made to my fit. Before this I did 1940s modelling at reenactments and events, so it wasn’t too scary, and a great deal of fun finding props to pose with; taking some fun shots as well as serious. This all has really made me want to do more fashion shoots and portrait shots as I had only really done lifestyle before.

(C) I am intrigued about your reference to vintage and pin up work. Please tell our followers the reasons that you particularly favour these styles.

(R) I have always loved history from as far back as I can remember! Not only at primary school did we have Egyptian and Victorian days dressing up but my mum’s cousins really live an amazing vintage life. They are who got me into going to 1940s events, although not many my age are as in love with it all as I am. However the clothing style of the 40s and 50s is very elegant, feminine and yet powerful… especially through World War Two. 

(C) What, or who, encouraged you to seek modelling work?

(R) I don’t believe it was any one person; but again at many historic events of the war and 1940s era I was one of the few younger women there, so many photography clubs who attended would ask for photographs and I really took a liking to it and wanted to do more. 

(C) Which female figures do you most admire and why?

(R) I most admire Audrey Hepburn as she came from a tough background and was then put into the spotlight quite suddenly, and still remained cheerful and kind spirited with her head high. That is what I aspire to be like and know my own mind like her. I also funnily admire Queen Elizabeth I as she was so strong and a powerful figure in British history. She managed to stay collected throughout her reign and the challenges that she faced.

(C) Please tell our followers about your professional aspirations.

(R) my professional aspirations are to do something relating to film and history! As I want to do something I love whether it be a film critic or carry on doing some modelling. As long as I enjoy what I do! 

(C) How may you be contacted for modelling assignments?

(R) i can be contacted by the email: 

Thank you again for taking the time to talk with me. You have provided wonderful answers and I wish you every success for the future.

Further information about Rebecca may also be found at