Double, double toil and trouble. 

Alone in the house; or so she had thought, the only sound was her footsteps on the kitchen floor. 

As she opened the refrigerator door, to quietly ponder its contents, out of the corner of her eye she saw a mysterious black shadow that moved silently towards her across the floor…causing her heart to miss a beat. With Halloween only a few days away, and suddenly too frightened to breathe, she told herself that she had to look down so that she may witness the terror at her feet. She wanted to scream but her fear would not allow it. 

Had a demonic being escaped to unleash hell on earth? 

(Gil Elvgren (‘Riding High’ 1958)). 

Was it a witch that had left her cauldron bubbling nicely in search of human ingredients? 

Slowly she lowered her head in trepidation.


Happy Halloween from @Rations2R_n_R.