Introducing “The Beehive”…for honeys!

I love the opportunity that @Twitter gives me to share my love of retro and vintage. I love more the opportunity that I have to chat with entrepreneurial women and, especially, those that are embarking on their journey. I am enthused by their passion and spirit. Launching in January 2018 I’m so grateful to be able to chat with Lynne from “The Beehive”.

Christine @Rations2R_n_R (C) I am excited to learn, as our followers will no doubt also be, about the services that The Beehive will provide. 

Lynne @LynneThom1 (L) So initially, I’ll be providing vintage hair and makeup makeovers, I’ll offer this either in my caravan ‘the Beehive’ which will be a mobile salon or I can downsize and bring my kit. I’ll be promoting myself at wedding fairs to provide wedding services as well as vintage events. I’m selling products from the ‘vintage cosmetics company’ and I have a few items handcrafted on etsy which I’d like to display in the beehive. I would like, in the long run to look at other services I could add.

(C) As a mobile vintage hair and make up artist please tell me the area in which you will offer your services. 

(L) When attending vintage fairs I’m looking forward to travelling country wide, and again with regular services I don’t want to limit myself in terms of distance… I think I’ll have to look at this realistically though.

(C) You are taking delivery of a caravan; that I understand will undergo refurbishment. Tell us more!

(L) Yes that came recently and work is under way… very exciting! We bought a really cheap one to gut and renovate to be ready for January as a working mini salon. 

(C) I would like to ask about the person who is about to embark on an undoubtedly exciting journey. Our followers would love to know about you. 

(L) Ok so I’m a mum of 2 step mum to 2 and having my own vintage wedding in Whitby this July. I currently work in mental health and have a psychology degree, however vintage is my passion and I’m looking forward to going for it. I do burlesque dancing for fun as well as vintage shopping and watching old movies.

(C) Who, or what, has inspired you to set up your venture?

(L) I wanted a career change that meant I would be doing something I truly loved daily, I also wanted this to mean spending more time with my family and be working from home a lot more. My family have been really supportive and encouraging, my partner is helping me with the caravan as well as with ideas, the kids are excited and my parents and friends are offering to help in any way they can. So with support like that I couldn’t have a better motivation really.

(C) Please tell me about your personal motivation.

(L) I think I probably covered that but yes I think to be in a career I love that also allows me spend more time with my family really.

(C) I am sure that our followers would like to know the reason that you have a love of vintage hair and make up.

(L) I’ve had a love for the styles of different eras as long as I can remember really, I do love history and I’ve always been drawn to the styles of many eras. I love the 1940s how it looked and what it stood for, the attitudes and determination.

(C) Where can The Beehive be found on Social Media and how can you be contacted?

(L) I have a website I have a Facebook page The Beehive mobile vintage and of course my Twitter. My number is 07783409141.

Thank you Lynne for taking the time to chat with @Rations2R_n_R. I so look forward to following your journey and catching up with you soon. I send my best wishes for your success.