You’re so warm in a world so cold. That is why I love you so!

Welcome to today’s vintage style fashion pick and one continuing the party season theme.

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Collectif Vintage Akiko Velvet Maxi Wrap Style Dress with cross over bodice and skirt sewn in place to ensure she remains closed. Fastens with a back zip and featuring wide kimono-style sleeves Akiko is made from emerald green stretch velvet. Priced at £75.00.



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Chic and stylish…Charm the birds out of the trees. 

With days that are sweltering and evenings that are only a touch cooler we are all searching for the ideal summer dress.

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Evie Summer Flamingo Dress featuring a full 1950s style flared skirt, a flattering cross-over bust and small capped sleeves, with a concealed zip fastening at the back. Manufactured by Lady V London and Made in London she can be worn with or without a petticoat. Priced at £55.00 with free UK delivery. 


@Rations2R_n_R neither owns the copyright to the images nor much of the written content included herein. We use our blog to showcase retro and vintage fashion and, where we can, credit the copyright owner of any content by way of a link to their website. Please email if you are the owner of any content included and would like us to either amend or remove anything that we post. Christine Ashbeck (founder of @Rations2R_n_R). 

Stepping out in style with Heels and Toes Inc.

I am immensely grateful to have the opportunity to chat with the founders of Heels and Toes Inc. I should like to express a sincere appreciation as I understand how busy that they are in both their personal and professional lives. 

Christine @Rations2R_n_R (C) Our followers would love to know about the people behind Heels and Toes.

@HeelsToesInc (H) Heels and Toes Inc. is an online hosiery boutique featuring superior legwear, including tights, stockings and unisex fashion socks. We are a husband and wife team, raising two rambunctious young children, who want to offer women and men quality, stylish, contemporary European legwear right here in Canada.  

(C) Please tell us about the motivation that led to Heels and Toes.

(H) As a couple, we love to get dressed up for a night out. A suit or sport jacket and tie for him and a fabulous dress or skirt for her. Given Canada’s cooler climate, hosiery is a possibility for many months of the year. Accessorizing an outfit with an alluring seam or sensuous stocking became a fun way to add some glamour to our evenings out. Over the years, we built up a large collection of quality tights, stockings and holdups and one day we jokingly said that, “We had enough hosiery to open up our own store!”. We looked into it and decided to create Heels and Toes Inc as a ‘side business’ to our professional careers. Our own experiences have taught us that quality fashionable products are often difficult to find, especially in the Canadian market. We want to offer superior service and quality products at reasonable prices.

(C) When was Heels and Toes online boutique established?

(H) We opened our online boutique in October 2016. It’s been quite an adventure for us as we navigate the art of business and try to merge it with our love of fine legwear and socks.

(C) I am interested to learn the reasons for stocking the brands that you do?

(H) Over the years, we have become familiar with many different brands. Trasparenze, an Italian manufacturer, quickly became one of our favourites. They are a fantastic brand that hold up well over time and offer some very creative designs.

We made the decision to carry Fiore due largely to their extremely creative designs, patterns and products.

We were introduced to Cecilia de Rafael during our honeymoon in Spain and love their glossy Sevilla pantyhose.

When looking for quality stockings, we found Secrets In Lace to be second to none. They offer the finest stockings and their seamed hosiery is stunning with both modern outfits and for that retro look.

We added Glamory to our collection when we began receiving requests for quality hosiery for the curvier and taller woman. As half of our company falls into the ‘tall’ category, this is always an area that we feel is worthy of investigation. We quickly fell in love with their products and found everything they said to be true. The response to this product has been positive and it clearly fulfilled a need with our clientele.

We also wanted to add some great socks for the men. HS is a worldwide brand that offers high quality products and very cool designs. Friday Sock Company is a local brand, based here in Calgary and offers fantastic mismatched socks that are some of the most creative designs we have ever seen.

(C) Of the products that you stock which are the most popular and why do you believe that is?

(H) Our most popular products are Cecilia de Rafael Sevilla Gloss Tights, Fiore Lili Sheer Tights, Trasparenze Sara Stockings and Fiore Glam Hold Ups. We have also begun receiving a great response from our Glamory line.

We have a distinguished client base of professional women who wear the Sevilla and Lili sheer tights on a daily basis. These products are offered in a great size range, hold up well to multiple wears and are priced at or below department store brands.  

The Trasparenze Sara are fantastically soft, plain top stockings that offer superior comfort at a reasonable price. There is something almost magical about a woman in plain top stockings. Simple and sexy!

The same can be said for the Fiore Glam Hold Ups. They are a comfortable satin top thigh high that fit perfectly at the office or for a night on the town.

Glamory is quickly becoming better known and offers ALL women the comfort of quality tights, stockings and holdups.

(C) Rations2RocknRoll has a love of vintage style fashion and favours stockings as part of my retro ensemble. Stockings have had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years. I would love to hear your thoughts as to why this is.

(H) Stockings are the epitome of sexy. They offer an alluring glimpse into our past and today’s manufacturers have created such a comfortable product that women can now enjoy both comfort and sexiness, all at once. For many, stockings are the most alluring of lingerie products. The glimpse of the stocking top and the thought of what lies underneath, drives men crazy and allows women to feel sexy. They are a classy way to add something special to any outfit.

(C) Does Heels and Toes ship internationally?

(H) Our main focus is to provide hosiery to the women of Canada and the United States although we do ship internationally to most of Europe, Australia and Japan. Unfortunately costs for shipping outside of North America are relatively high compared to some of the great hosiery retailers in the UK and Europe.

(C) Our followers would love to hear about the plans for Heels & Toes for the future.

(H) Our goal remains the same as it was the day we opened. To provide women and men with quality service and the finest in hosiery. As we grow our brand, it is our hope to add more products and manufacturers to our line. Whether it be tights, stockings, holdups, leggings or socks, we want women and men to experience the comfort that only quality hosiery offers.

(C) Please tell us your website address where customers may view your hold up highlights, your stockings selection and your tantalising tights?

(H) Our website is Heels and Toes Inc. offers unique and fashionable hosiery for work and play. Whether it’s classic office attire, something ‘special’ for that evening out or colourfully designed dress socks, Heels and Toes Inc. wants to have you covered and looking your best. We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and offer our customers the ultimate in quality, craftsmanship and creativity.

This has been a most interesting read and is clear evidence of the passion that Heels and Toes have for quality hosiery. 
Thank you again to Heels and Toes Inc. for their enthusiasm in the latest of my collaborative blog posts.

I send my best wishes for every success in the future.


Rich in Love…Rich in Glamour.

Today’s blog post is one of which I am both immensely proud, and sincerely grateful to Doris Hobbs of “Rich in Love Fashion”, who has kindly taken time to speak with me. 

Christine @Rations2R_n_R (C).

“Luxury spokesmodel. Entrepreneur. Creator of Rich in Love. VRAI Magazine Contributing Editor. Diabetes Advocate.” A list that many would find daunting. Please tell me about the woman that faces these challenges with an openly evident passion.

Doris @doris_hobbs (D).

The greatest enemy for anyone’s future success is being in a state of comfort. I find those who are comfortable live in a trypophobia of fear which includes both mediocrity and regret. Over the past years as an Entrepreneur, Author, Model, Diabetes Advocate and Creator of Rich in Love Fashion I’ve found that one of the keys to personal growth is surrounding yourself in the most uncomfortable situations life can provide you. 

During the first year of my diagnosis as a type 1 diabetic my business mentor had me explore several uncomfortable situations in my life, in those experiences I learned why I would react the way I do, how to create a clear vision, important networking tools and more importantly how to live a life of being authentic.

I find each day a blessing and another day to fulfill my mission to inspire those in need of a dose of glamour.

(C). I am sure that our followers would like to know who has inspired you on your journey.

(D). The self-respect, class, appreciation, and etiquette – women of the 1940-50s. I find these women had by far much more self-respect for their self in the way of confidence and not settling for anything that doesn’t serve them. Too many times, we settled for what we think we need, rather than making bold advancements to greatness. Why would anyone settle for a quality of life that is less than what they are capable of? This also goes for the classic women in our culture. If a woman could see herself in the mirror for the true beauty she possesses and simply play off those attributes she’d feel a sense of confidence that would in return create certainty. I call it the “one zip fix,” it starts with a sheath dress and where it takes you is style beyond words.

(C). Photographs of you display a clear appreciation of vintage style elegance and glamour. I would love to know what and/or who has influenced your attraction?

(D). There’s a sentimental spot in my heart for the timeless style of the 1940s. Perhaps it’s due to growing up in a family enriched with a vintage lifestyle, film noirs, or the countless Sunday afternoons exploring my grandmother’s well-curated collection of costume jewelry. From these memorable experiences, I knew as a little girl one thing to be true; I’d transform one day and possess such glamour as well.

(C). Is there a specific area of vintage style fashion that is of particular importance to you?

(D). Christian Dior’s “New Look”, an image that took a vivid shift during the post-war fashion from the late 1940s. Gathering the same fundamentals that Dior displayed in 1947 as Carmel Snow, Editor-in-Chief of Harper Bazaar was quoted stating, “It’s such a new look!” after her initial viewing of Dior’s spring/summer collection.

(C). Please tell me a little about Rich in Love Fashion including the philosophy on which it is based.

(D). Through the empowerment, I share on Rich in Love Fashion with wearing vintage garments among sharing my unbinding strength, I’ve found each garment to metaphorically represent a shield of armor providing me courage and confidence. My style journey has consisted of many moments: failure and beauty, while I’ve gravitated to obtaining a grammarian, yet glamorous life as an aspiring Spokesmodel, Diabetes Advocate & Writer. Just like a security blanket a child latches onto for many years of their youth, I’ve taken hold onto vintage as my sanctuary knowing I am authentic and fearless.

(C). Many of us will know a person with diabetes and I understand that you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult. I am sure that you have been asked about this many times but I am also sure that you are more than happy to spread information and knowledge. Please tell me how you effectively manage your diabetes; especially with regard to your hectic professional life.

(D). For me, that moment came on October 22nd of 2014, weeks prior to my 33rd birthday as I was formally diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. During this unpredictable moment in my life, I, of course, wanted to do what many might have felt to be therapeutic which was to live in sympathy, self-pity, and even doubt. Instead I decided to go beyond the autoimmune disease not wearing it as a sympathy garment; instead seeking a way to refashion how others perceive such a life altering disorder. With only two days after the news was given, I (by choice) found myself conducting an on-location photoshoot for a previously contracted client. That decision was the first of many to never label a setback as “failure” instead I embrace each tragedy as a setup to promote self-growth, in addition prove that my capacities are without measure.

Moreover, the key of taking control of any situation directed into our path is a proper mind-set that consist of victory rather that lack. In addition to mindset I’ve found healthy eating habits such as the Paleo Diet, daily fitness routines mixed with morning sessions of gratitude all help me to balance my work schedule and personal life.

(C). Is there a specific motivational quote on which you base both your personal and professional lives?

(D). Thank you for asking, I trademarked a quote I created that is the epitome of everything I believe and stand for – “Every Setback is a Setup for the Glamour in Life™” This quote is evident to never label a setback as “failure;” instead I embrace each tragedy as a setup to promote self-growth, and in addition prove that my capacities are without measure.

(C). Please tell our followers about your aspirations for the future.

(D). To motivation the world, in glamour.

(All images are by, Rich Fisher of rf_fisher_photography.)

Doris is undoubtedly inspirational when it comes to vintage style elegance and glamour and the empowerment of women. Once again I should like to convey my thanks and send my best wishes for every success in the future. Rich in Love Fashion may be found at

Thank you also to my followers for their loyal support of @Rations2R_n_R.