I saw polka dots and moonbeams.

Welcome to today’s vintage style blog post.

From http://www.starletvintage.co.uk (link below *).

Voodoo Vixen Green Polka Dot 1950s Style Selena Pencil Dress featuring stretch fabric taffeta that adds a formal edge and curve supporting fit, concealed zip fastening for ease of fitting and a low cut wrap bust. The dress sits just above the knee and measures 30 inches (75cm) from underarm to hem. Priced from £24.99.


* http://www.starletvintage.co.uk/vv-2496-grn-voodoo-vixen-green-polka-dot-1950s-dress.html

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It’s the summer of love. 

Welcome to today’s vintage style fashion pick.

From Pretty Kitty Fashion (link below *).

Strap Notch Neck Sleeveless Summer Rockabilly Swing 50s style Dress featuring Pink & Blue Floral Print on a White Stretch Cotton Fabric with V Cut Out Detail Straps, Flare Skirt and a concealed side zip. Priced at £36.99.


* https://prettykittyfashion.co.uk/products/strap-notch-neck-sleeveless-summer-rockabilly-swing-dress?variant=39717002947

Pink is the love you discover. 

Welcome to today’s vintage fashion pick; from Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing (link below *).

Summer 1950s Pink Eyelet Cotton Day Dress. The pattern of the eyelets includes embroidered vines and leaves. (Belt not included). Bust 40″ – 42″ Waist to 36″ Hips 47″. Priced at US$69.00 (approximately £54.00).


* http://www.ballyhoovintage.com/product/38146.html

When is vintage not vintage? 

Although I shall admit to knowing very little about cars and, even less about them mechanically, I should like to start this blog post with reference to the words “veteran” and “vintage”.

A “veteran” car is an old style or model of car, specifically one made before 1919 or (strictly) before 1905…well that’s clear!

More clear is the definition of a “vintage” car as an old style or model of car, specifically one made between 1919 and 1930.

I’m hearing whisperings from the unruly bunch at the back of class that they thought that they had enrolled on a fashion course and not a lecture on motor mechanics.

So let me explain the automobile analogy! 

Exploring fashion in preparation for my daily vintage style fashion pick I often come across garments that represent designs as late as the 1990s being described as vintage.

Let’s look at representations of each decade in the 20th Century.


Early 90’s Vintage Checked Pinafore Dress priced at £24.95 from The East End Thrift Store (https://m.marketplace.asos.com/listing/dresses/vintage-90s-checked-pinafore-dress/3276104).


Vintage 80’s Denim Pencil Dress priced at £25.00 from LuckyGirlVintage (https://m.marketplace.asos.com/listing/dresses/vintage-80s-denim-pencil–dress/3280024).


Fringed black and gold disco era late 1970s mini dress priced at £35.00 from Candy Says Vintage Clothing UK (https://www.candysays.co.uk/collections/new-in-vintage-products/products/fringed-black-and-gold-disco-era-late-1970s-mini-dress).


Bell sleeved black lace and pleated cotton 1960s maxi dress priced at £65.00 from Candy Says Vintage Clothing UK (https://www.candysays.co.uk/collections/1960s/products/bell-sleeved-black-lace-and-pleated-cotton-1960s-maxi-dress).


Fifties Spring Floral Dress priced at US$79.00 (approximately £62.00) from Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing (http://www.ballyhoovintage.com/product/38125.html).


1940s Sheer Print Dress priced at US$128.00 (approximately £100.00) from Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing (http://www.ballyhoovintage.com/product/38129.html).


1930s Vintage Style Tan Tulle Sleeved Long Dress priced at $252.00 (approximately £197.00) from Unique Vintage (http://www.unique-vintage.com/clothing/shop-by-era/1930s/1930s-vintage-style-tan-tulle-sleeved-long-dress.html).


1920s Style Seafoam & Ivory Wilshire Flapper Day Dress priced at US$78.00 (approximately £61.00) from Unique Vintage (http://www.unique-vintage.com/clothing/shop-by-era/1930s/unique-vintage-1920s-style-seafoam-ivory-wilshire-flapper-day-dress.html).


Hand-embroidered linen walking suit, 1910s priced at US$1,275.00 (approximately £995.00) from Vintage Textile (https://www.vintagetextile.com/new_page_380.htm).


B. Altman French satin tea gown, c.1900 priced at US$1,400.00 (approximately £1,092.00) from Vintage Textile (https://www.vintagetextile.com/new_page_41.htm).

To return to the question posed as to the latest era that may be regarded as vintage.

The dictionary defines “vintage” as “…something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind”. Using this definition and interpreting it in the most strict of ways a item from “yesterday” could be described as vintage. I suggest that each individual will have their own interpretation of vintage without their interpretation coming under scrutiny.

To me I consider anything before I was born as vintage and hence the 1950s and earlier. Personally this nicely corresponds with my belief that 1950s fashion was the last era where “old-fashioned” elegance and glamour were the “norm”. The 1960s then brought a revolution in clothing. 

I would love to hear comments.

Thank you.


Dear Hawaii. Land of my dreams.

Welcome to today’s vintage style fashion pick.

From http://www.bluevelvetvintage.com (link below *).

1950s Style Vintage Inspired Coral Hawaiian Floral Print Halter Full Flared Circle Swing Dress. Made from cotton featuring orchids, hibiscus, ginger and leaves in shades of ivory, burgundy, sage and soft yellow gold against a dark peach/adobe colour background with strands of plumeria flowers in a lighter shade running through the print. The fitted sweetheart bodice has princess seaming and halter that ties at the neck with a white cotton pique foldover flap across the top of the bodice and pleating at centre bust. The bodice is lined in self fabric and fastens with a back metal zipper closure. Priced at US$149.00 (approximately £115.00).

* https://www.bluevelvetvintage.com/1950s-Style-Hawaiian-Print-Halter-Swing-Dress.html

Wiggle just a little bit. 

Welcome to today’s vintage fashion pick.

From http://www.ballyhoovintage.com (link below *).

Late 1950s Wiggle Dress in pink linen; by the Hollywood designer Peggy Hunt, and featuring an appliqué ribbon effect in pale green. The fitted bodice with princess seam construction has a narrow piping transition to the straight pencil skirt. The pale green ribbon illusion functions as a layering detail at the hem. The dress has a zipper down the back. Bust 38″ Waist 29″ Hips 38″ Bodice length 16.5″ Skirt length 24″. Priced at US$149.00 (approximately £116.00)

* http://www.ballyhoovintage.com/product/58172.html

In the pastel shades of sunlight I have wandered.

Welcome to today’s fashion pick and a 1950s vintage dress from http://www.melamela.co.uk (link below). 

1950s Vintage Dress Pink and Blue Pastel Strapless with Jacket (30″ Bust 24″ Waist Length Neck to Hem 36″) made from a soft cotton fabric with a pink and blue pastel floral pattern. The strapless sundress has a boned bodice and fastens at the back with a metal zipper. It is fitted at the bust and waist and flared over the hips. The bolero style jacket has short sleeves and ties at the waist. Priced at £125.00.


* http://www.melamela.co.uk/1950s-vintage-dress-pink-blue-pastel-strapless-jacket.html#.WTHY2IXTWEc