One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock, rock.

Whilst having an appreciation of many aspects of bygone days my followers will be aware that my true love is vintage and vintage style fashion. 

My parents experienced the austerity and atrocities of war; with rationing continuing into the 1950s, and so I am pleased to have not lived during this era. However I look back on some aspects; including fashion, with a little envy. 

Elegance and glamour. Chic and sophistication. Femininity and masculinity. 

There are many as me that like to recreate the fashion of the time and, with this in mind, I should like to encourage thought and debate.

My son’s potential in-laws also share a love of the past; both in terms of music, and fashion. However I venture to suggest that their views differ somewhat from mine. 

As in any era the fashion of the young and the old differed. It would appear that the potential in-laws are not overly keen on seeing mature women twirling around the dance floor in their 1950s style circle dresses/skirts. 


Their view is that back in the day women of certain years, of which I am one, would have been more conservative in their attire.

Whilst I would not encourage TENA Lady Pants to be exposed to the audience I do view this in, a way that I would suggest is, a more positive manner.

We do not live in the 1950s. We are recreating the era for fun. We do not have to be historically accurate as long as we are enjoying ourselves.

So I would love to hear the views of my followers on this.

Thank you.