The Boy I Love is Up in the Gallery. 

Welcome to today’s vintage style fashion pick in which I travel to a time a number of decades before my usual 1940s and 1950s selections.

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White Victorian inspired Cotton Overbust Corset with Court Necklineand featuring straps that tie with ribbons, delicate woven fabric with lace trims and small pearl effect button opening at front completed with strong but lightweight steel busk closures. The pattern features angled panels. This corset has a front and back modesty panel, ribbon lacing, six suspender loops and could reduce the natural waist size by up to 2 inches (5cm). Priced at £59.00.


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A different shape every step I take.  A different mind every step of the line.

Today’s vintage style fashion pick takes a very small detour. 

Bettie Page; one of the most well known of pin-up models, first found fame in the 1950s. Like other women who have chosen pin-up and/or burlesque as their form of artistry the corset would have been an integral part of Bettie’s wardrobe.

The corset; whose history may be traced back many generations (reaching the peak of its popularity in the Victorian era), is not a garment that I specifically associate with either the 1940s or the 1950s.  I have, nevertheless, selected it as part of today’s outfit.


Orchard Corset – Overbust Satin Corset.

Steel boned longline corset in high shine satin featuring 24 flat & spiral steel bones.  Dimensions: 15.5″ Front / 16.5″ Center Bust/ 13″ Back / 14″ Side.  Priced at  US$59.43 (approx. £48.00).


50s Capri Pants – Black.

1950s style high waisted capri pants made in stretchy black bengalene fabric that hug the figure. Capris crop at mid calf and feature a split on each leg.  Priced at £50.00.


Whistles Cornel Stiletto Heeled Court Shoes, Dark Red Suede with a full leather lining and heel height of 9.5cm (3.74″). Priced between £112.00-£124.00.


VINTAGE 1950s Black Jet Bead Double Necklace.

Jet black graduated faceted beads separated by smaller beads.  Double layer with brass clasp. Approx. 16″ long.

Priced at US$30.00 (approx. £24.00).

Total cost £234-£246.