Five Element Acupuncture with Maire Weaver. 

Welcome to our latest blog post collaboration in which we are, once again, proud to support #womeninbusiness and feature Maire Weaver; Five Element Acupuncturist, based in Primrose Hill, London.

We would like to thank Maire and give special thanks to Kirstie Sivapalan; from @AstroRocksUK, for her fabulous enthusiasm and support in bringing this post together.

Christine @Rations2R_n_R (C). I am sure that first of all our readers would like to learn a little about you personally. 

Maire @Maireweaver5e (M). My name is Maire Weaver and I have been an acupuncturist for the last 20 years. I initially became interested when I went for a treatment myself and I found that it was so incredible, so amazing that I decided that I would re-mortgage my house and go and study it! I studied at the School of Five Element Acupuncture in London and I have been practising in London, and in Cambridge for a short time, since then.

(C). A question that I’m sure is often asked…”What is acupuncture”? 

(M). Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine. It goes back about 3000 years and started in China. We believe that there are meridians, that is, energy lines running all over the body (a little bit like the London Tube Map I would say!) and there are various points along these meridians. We insert very fine needles into these points to help balance “chi” or energy. Sometimes in life we can become imbalanced and by taking pulses we can tell which of these meridians we need to needle, or use Moxa (Moxa is a herb), and that can help a person restore their balance so that they can reach their full potential.

(C). For how long have you enjoyed an interest in acupuncture? How did your interest start and how has it developed over time? 

(M). Prior to becoming an acupuncturist I had studied many things – neurolinguistic programming, various counselling courses- and I have always been interested in working with people, so I decided to go and study in Camden in the School of Five Element Acupuncture. It was a three year course. I can honestly say it’s the best thing I have ever done. It’s very interesting and I get to meet very interesting people all the time. I get to see how fabulous this form of medicine really is and how it can really help people transform their lives.

(C). Please tell us about The London Acupuncture Clinic.

(M). The London Acupuncture Clinic is my clinic in Primrose Hill which is in a little Mews just off Regents Park Road. We also do other therapies there. We have a homeopath, craniosacral therapist, nutritionist, child psychotherapist, osteopathy and of course acupuncture. Prior to this I worked in Camden Town and Wimpole St where I had a very busy practice until 12 years ago when I came to Primrose Hill.

(C). It would be interesting to learn about ‘Five Element Acupuncture’.

(M). I am often asked what is the difference between Five Element (5E) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It’s very different in the sense that 5E is very much focused on the person, it’s very much focused to the individual. So we focus generally on what’s going on at the time. The first session takes around two hours, and we take a history of your life, your medical history, what is going on at the time, and why you have actually come for treatment. Then we look towards finding the cause, if you like the “weak link”, what has gone wrong, the source of the problem. We believe if you fix the source of the problem, the symptoms that you may have come for will get better and disappear. So it is different in that sense. We also don’t leave needles in, generally speaking. The first session we may do but normally we don’t. We do what we call “tonify” the points and then take the needle out. It is very much focused on the person. There is not a one size fits all. You don’t come with a condition where we have a set of points to do. We work out very much at the time what needs to be done for that particular treatment.

(C). Our readers would like to hear about some of the conditions that acupuncture is used to treat.

(M). I’m often asked what conditions we treat with 5E acupuncture. It’s difficult to quantify that as we treat people not conditions. So we are treating the person and what may have lead them to develop the condition. A lot of people come with stress, anxiety, infertility issues so there isn’t any one particular condition that we treat. People that have developed conditions over time due to stress, anxiety or overwork, bereavement, loss etc and a condition develops from that. For example because of stress they can’t conceive, or because of IVF they are feeling very stressed, or work is too tough, or they are at a point in their life where they need to change things and don’t know how. So we treat people.

(C). We would be fascinated to learn about the women; either past or present, that have inspired you.

(M). To be honest I am inspired almost daily by some of the women I treat. They come through amazing traumas, trials and tribulations and they get through. So every day people getting on with their lives, surviving and doing the best they can, bringing up children etc. I am inspired by people generally.

(C). How may you be contacted for an appointment?

(M). My website is and my phone number is 0207 1182882. You will speak to Sarah Talbot until 1pm Mon-Fri after which I am available on my mobile. 07581302238

(C). Where may Maire Weaver be found on Social Media?

(M). I am on Instagram @MaireWeaver, Twitter @Maireweaver5e and I have a Facebook page

We have found Mairie’s insight into the world of Five Element Acupuncture to be truly fascinating. We wish her well and thank her, and Kirstie, once more for their commitment.


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