Step out in vintage style.

In her fabulous blog post ‘Get the 40’s look: 5 must have!’ … ( ) Giada @DarlingLeGlam rightly identifies stockings as an essential component of ones vintage ensemble.

Giada also rightly suggests that stockings should be accompanied by the right foundations.

Although there are many online retailers; where one is able to procure vintage style lingerie, bricks and mortar boutiques are virtually non-existent…with ‘What Katie Did’ and their London and Burbank, California boutiques being the most notable exception.

However all lingerie of a certain quality; even that of a contemporary style, is far from inexpensive.

Stockings are able to provide that desired vintage feel at a comparatively ‘reasonable’ cost; not forgetting that a suspender belt, girdle or similar undergarment will also be required.

In our blog post ‘Stepping out in style with Heels and Toes Inc.’ ( ) we put the following question to Chris; co-owner of Heels and Toes Inc…

@Rations2R_n_R has a love of vintage style fashion and favours stockings as part of our retro ensemble. Stockings have had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years. We would love to hear your thoughts as to why this is.

@HeelsToesInc. Stockings are the epitome of sexy. They offer an alluring glimpse into our past and today’s manufacturers have created such a comfortable product that women can now enjoy both comfort and sexiness, all at once. For many, stockings are the most alluring of lingerie products. The glimpse of the stocking top and the thought of what lies underneath, drives men crazy and allows women to feel sexy. They are a classy way to add something special to any outfit.”

To be truly authentic stockings should be seamed and made of nylon; such as from (link below *).

Fully Fashioned Stockings Cuban Heel H2034 made in the UK from 100% non stretch nylon on vintage Reading knitting machines. Sheer 15 denier nylon, with sewn seam and finishing loop. Priced at £22.50.

For those that would like to achieve a vintage style look whilst enjoying the comfort of modern stretch stockings.

From (link below **).

Seamed Stockings Nutmeg Black Glamour H2053 with a contrasting point heel and seam, and wide, comfortable welt. Sheer 15 denier, made from a blend of stretch nylon and elastane for ease of fit. Made in Italy. Priced at £10.00.

Our blog post ‘She is clothed in strength and dignity’ featuring guest blog Giada @DarlingLeGlam ( ) covered fashion, since the 19th Century, and it’s part in the emancipation of women.

Stockings are part of this history with the 1960s seeing Nylons cast aside in favour of tights.

In our blog post ‘Stepping out with Essex’ee Legs’ ( ) we asked Anne Tyler…

@Rations2R_n_R. Stockings have made a resurgence over the past few years. How do their sales compare to hold-ups and tights?

@EssexeeLegs. I would say stockings are preferred, this season, over hold ups, which I am delighted about. Tights will always be in front, but stockings are selling very well.”

Many of our vintage style sisters regularly compliment their outfit with seamed stockings; adding glamour and sophistication, and empowering the wearer. Join us and step out in vintage style this party season.


@DarlingLeGlam may be found at .

Further selections of stockings may be found at our friends at…

@HeelsToesInc .


@EssexeeLegs .



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