Evette Dubois…handmade with love. 

I am so pleased that my latest blog post involves an invitation into the luxurious lingerie and apparel department, and the chance to collaborate with Melissa; of Evette Dubois. Thank you for taking the time Melissa.  I am both grateful and honoured that you have agreed to chat with me.

Christine @Rations2R_n_R (C). Firstly I am sure that our followers would like to know a little about the person behind Evette Dubois.

Melissa @evettedubois (M). My name is Melissa, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have always been interested in art, craft and fashion since I was 5. From that age I was also very opinionated about what I was to wear for the day. I have come from 3 generations of dressmakers and studied fashion design also. I love collecting vintage and in particular vintage lingerie.

(C). Please tell us about the name “Evette Dubois”.

(M). Evette Dubois is a fictional character. I wanted my brand to have a French name that is similar to those fashion houses in Paris during the 1930’s.

(C). You design and sew your own creations. We would like to hear about both your earliest designing and earliest sewing memories.

(M). I would say the designing memory was drawing, as when I was 6 my art teacher gave me an award for the best art of the year. My parents then also enrolled me in art classes from that point on. I stared sewing from the age of 8 making dolls clothes, and started sewing on the sewing machine when I was 12.

(C). Moving on from the previous question I am sure that our followers would like to know when you first started to design and sew professionally.

(M). I went to university and studied fashion design. I started making garments professionally from that point on. Evette Dubois is the first time I have gone out on my own to start my own label.  

(C). Evette Dubois provides lingerie and apparel, vintage inspired from the 1920s to the 1950s. Please tell me why you have selected these particular eras?

(M). I have selected these eras as I feel I have strong interest in the designs from these periods. I also adore very feminine and pastel colours which works back with the hues of those decades.

(C). Is there a woman, either current or from the past, who inspires you…and, if there is, why?

(M). I would say Mae West. She was such a strong character; her style was an extension of her personality. She was one glamourous woman.  

(C). I am proud that we connect on Instagram and I see much evidence of your passion for retro and vintage clothing. Do you make your own outerwear? 

(M). Yes, I do sew my own clothing. Although like anyone who sews, the list of designs in which I wish to create keeps getting longer.  

(C).  Of the decades from the 1920s through to the 1950s do you have a personal favourite for fashion and why?

(M). I Just love the WW2 years. Mostly because tailoring came back into Vogue then and the waist was starting to be defined once more. The evening gowns were feminine and just divine.

(C). Where do you see Evette Dubois moving forward? 

(M). As of current I’m changing Evette Dubois. I am focusing more on the Art Deco period. I shall have a ready to wear collection as well as introducing a bridal lingerie collection. Many exciting things to come in the future.

(C).  The best way to conclude is by asking where your wonderful designs may be found. 

(M). You can purchase my designs online at http://www.evettedubois.com.

Once again thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk with you. I send my best wishes to you for your future endeavours.


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