Girdle. Oh, I want you, I need you, an’ I’ll never do you wrong.

Welcome to today’s vintage style fashion pick and a return to the foundation of ones outfit. 

From (link below *).

Rago 6210 Long Leg Zipper Panty Girdle featuring four sections made of Powernet Spandex stretch knit for all-over control with rigid nylon satin front and sides that holds and firms the stomach and thighs. Fastened with a zipper with hook and eye. Four removable concealed suspenders. Priced at US$68.00-US$77.00 (£53.00-£60.00).

I am able to personally recommend Rago as a brand…probably the preeminent in their field, and certainly quality shapewear that I am pleased to have in my lingerie wardrobe.

Looking for hosiery to accompany your Rago girdle then look no further than Heels and Toes Inc. who are featured in my blog post

2 thoughts on “Girdle. Oh, I want you, I need you, an’ I’ll never do you wrong.”

  1. Thank you so much for highlighting this! Here’s what I find puzzling: many of us need some help with our figure. Why choose one of the bland and utilitarian “modern” shapewear garments over something pretty like this? I just don’t understand.

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