Rich in Love…Rich in Glamour.

Today’s blog post is one of which I am both immensely proud, and sincerely grateful to Doris Hobbs of “Rich in Love Fashion”, who has kindly taken time to speak with me. 

Christine @Rations2R_n_R (C).

“Luxury spokesmodel. Entrepreneur. Creator of Rich in Love. VRAI Magazine Contributing Editor. Diabetes Advocate.” A list that many would find daunting. Please tell me about the woman that faces these challenges with an openly evident passion.

Doris @doris_hobbs (D).

The greatest enemy for anyone’s future success is being in a state of comfort. I find those who are comfortable live in a trypophobia of fear which includes both mediocrity and regret. Over the past years as an Entrepreneur, Author, Model, Diabetes Advocate and Creator of Rich in Love Fashion I’ve found that one of the keys to personal growth is surrounding yourself in the most uncomfortable situations life can provide you. 

During the first year of my diagnosis as a type 1 diabetic my business mentor had me explore several uncomfortable situations in my life, in those experiences I learned why I would react the way I do, how to create a clear vision, important networking tools and more importantly how to live a life of being authentic.

I find each day a blessing and another day to fulfill my mission to inspire those in need of a dose of glamour.

(C). I am sure that our followers would like to know who has inspired you on your journey.

(D). The self-respect, class, appreciation, and etiquette – women of the 1940-50s. I find these women had by far much more self-respect for their self in the way of confidence and not settling for anything that doesn’t serve them. Too many times, we settled for what we think we need, rather than making bold advancements to greatness. Why would anyone settle for a quality of life that is less than what they are capable of? This also goes for the classic women in our culture. If a woman could see herself in the mirror for the true beauty she possesses and simply play off those attributes she’d feel a sense of confidence that would in return create certainty. I call it the “one zip fix,” it starts with a sheath dress and where it takes you is style beyond words.

(C). Photographs of you display a clear appreciation of vintage style elegance and glamour. I would love to know what and/or who has influenced your attraction?

(D). There’s a sentimental spot in my heart for the timeless style of the 1940s. Perhaps it’s due to growing up in a family enriched with a vintage lifestyle, film noirs, or the countless Sunday afternoons exploring my grandmother’s well-curated collection of costume jewelry. From these memorable experiences, I knew as a little girl one thing to be true; I’d transform one day and possess such glamour as well.

(C). Is there a specific area of vintage style fashion that is of particular importance to you?

(D). Christian Dior’s “New Look”, an image that took a vivid shift during the post-war fashion from the late 1940s. Gathering the same fundamentals that Dior displayed in 1947 as Carmel Snow, Editor-in-Chief of Harper Bazaar was quoted stating, “It’s such a new look!” after her initial viewing of Dior’s spring/summer collection.

(C). Please tell me a little about Rich in Love Fashion including the philosophy on which it is based.

(D). Through the empowerment, I share on Rich in Love Fashion with wearing vintage garments among sharing my unbinding strength, I’ve found each garment to metaphorically represent a shield of armor providing me courage and confidence. My style journey has consisted of many moments: failure and beauty, while I’ve gravitated to obtaining a grammarian, yet glamorous life as an aspiring Spokesmodel, Diabetes Advocate & Writer. Just like a security blanket a child latches onto for many years of their youth, I’ve taken hold onto vintage as my sanctuary knowing I am authentic and fearless.

(C). Many of us will know a person with diabetes and I understand that you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult. I am sure that you have been asked about this many times but I am also sure that you are more than happy to spread information and knowledge. Please tell me how you effectively manage your diabetes; especially with regard to your hectic professional life.

(D). For me, that moment came on October 22nd of 2014, weeks prior to my 33rd birthday as I was formally diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. During this unpredictable moment in my life, I, of course, wanted to do what many might have felt to be therapeutic which was to live in sympathy, self-pity, and even doubt. Instead I decided to go beyond the autoimmune disease not wearing it as a sympathy garment; instead seeking a way to refashion how others perceive such a life altering disorder. With only two days after the news was given, I (by choice) found myself conducting an on-location photoshoot for a previously contracted client. That decision was the first of many to never label a setback as “failure” instead I embrace each tragedy as a setup to promote self-growth, in addition prove that my capacities are without measure.

Moreover, the key of taking control of any situation directed into our path is a proper mind-set that consist of victory rather that lack. In addition to mindset I’ve found healthy eating habits such as the Paleo Diet, daily fitness routines mixed with morning sessions of gratitude all help me to balance my work schedule and personal life.

(C). Is there a specific motivational quote on which you base both your personal and professional lives?

(D). Thank you for asking, I trademarked a quote I created that is the epitome of everything I believe and stand for – “Every Setback is a Setup for the Glamour in Life™” This quote is evident to never label a setback as “failure;” instead I embrace each tragedy as a setup to promote self-growth, and in addition prove that my capacities are without measure.

(C). Please tell our followers about your aspirations for the future.

(D). To motivation the world, in glamour.

(All images are by, Rich Fisher of rf_fisher_photography.)

Doris is undoubtedly inspirational when it comes to vintage style elegance and glamour and the empowerment of women. Once again I should like to convey my thanks and send my best wishes for every success in the future. Rich in Love Fashion may be found at

Thank you also to my followers for their loyal support of @Rations2R_n_R.


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