Her name is Cherry. We’ve just met. 

Today’s vintage style fashion pick allows us to tentatively dip our toes in the ocean in anticipation of summer.

From http://www.bettylicious.co.uk (link below *).

1950s style retro vintage halterneck swimsuit featuring maraschino cherries print on white with soft shaper cups, side stays and tummy control. Designed by Esther Williams. Priced at £68.00. 


* https://www.bettylicious.co.uk/one-piece-retro-vintage-designer-swimsuits/1950s-style-retro-vintage-halterneck-tummy-control-swimsuit-cherries-print-on-white.html?___SID=U


2 thoughts on “Her name is Cherry. We’ve just met. ”

    1. Oh I stopped by their website by the way, the shop front looks fantastic, I love the design and colours but their blog is 2 years out of date. I know they’re a business and they have to focus on that but 1 blog post a month isn’t too much to ask is it!


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