They got the belt, and they got suspenders. So what can they lose? 

The women of the 1940s and 1950s would not have considered themselves properly dressed without stockings; often going to extraordinary lengths during the war years, to give the impression of wearing stockings. 

My blog post “Step out in stockings and put a Spring in your step” provides a little information on the matter.

I never consider any vintage inspired outfit that I wear to be truly accurate unless I am wearing stockings; usually seamed and often 100% Nylon, with which one requires a suspender belt. Many women may never have worn a suspender belt and, with this in mind, I feel that an introductory guide may prove entertaining and informative. 

A suspender belt is an undergarment that is worn around the waist; fastened by way of hook and eye closure at the back, and with four or move adjustable straps that attach to the top (the welt) of a stocking. 

From (link below).

Suspender Belt 6 Strap Maitresse Nouveau L2120 featuring metal clips and adjusters, medium control powermesh for a smooth line under clothing and a geometric satin panel. Priced at £37.50.

The reader will observe above that the suspender belt is worn over knickers which leads us nicely to the question of whether it should be worn over or under. The answer is that it is the individual choice of the wearer. In lingerie marketing photographs the suspender belt will be worn over knickers to more easily shown its detail. My choice for everyday wear is to wear under knickers for its practicality when visiting the ladies room.

So how does one put on a suspender belt? It should be the right size to wear around the waist; and not the hips, where it is more than likely to embarrassingly fall down along with your stockings.

Similar to the hook and spin method of putting on a bra place the belt around the waist with the hook and eye closures at the front. Fasten the closures and spin the belt around until it is centered on the body. 

Place your foot in a stocking and pull it up the leg; fastening the stocking to the suspender strap by placing the button of the suspender clip…

…on the inside of the welt (the double thickness at the stocking top)…

…and against the leg, with the metal/plastic clasp on the outside of the stocking as shown in the above photograph. Place the button and stocking material through the wider portion at the top of the clasp and pull up to fix in the narrower portion at the bottom of the clasp. 

Adjust the length of the strap so that the stocking is at the right height and taut; but not so tight that the clasp pops open.  Repeat for each suspender strap and ready to go. (The wearer may find it easier to attach the back suspenders whilst sitting down). 

How many straps?  Four straps is the most common although wearers of traditional Nylon stockings will often prefer six or eight straps; allowing less movement of the stocking, which is vital for helping to keep seams straight.

Thank you for reading my latest blog post that I hope proves to be of value. 


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