Step out in stockings and put a Spring in your step.

Before World War II silk was the preferred material for stockings; due to its luxurious appearance and feel, but silk stockings were expensive and hardly durable. 

Nylon; designed by Wallace Hume Carothers at EI DuPont de Nemours Inc; was introduced to the public along with Nylon stockings at the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. 

The man-made material; intended to be less expensive than silk, whilst providing strength and insulation in addition to being lightweight and as attractive as silk.

The women of the day immediately took to Nylon stockings, but this relationship was swiftly ended as Nylon was redirected towards the war effort; leading to a shortage of stockings. 

Photographs of women browning their legs and drawing a seam on the back of their legs provide evidence that the women of the day did not consider themselves to be properly dressed without stockings.


Today’s fashion pick features a modern way of recreating a vintage look with the added appeal of bringing delightful Spring colours to your hosiery draw.

From and stockings that I have on order (link below *).

Spring Selection H2047.  One pair of each of What Katie Did Summer Stockings. 15 denier seamed stockings with a translucent champagne leg and purple/pink/sky blue point heel, seam and welt. Made in Italy from nylon and elastane for stretch and ease of fit. Priced at £22.50 (features a 25% saving on the individual price with an offer ending on  3rd May 2017).



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