Little Blue, how do you do? Your smile looks like heaven.

Welcome to today’s vintage style fashion pick that features hosiery, and two pairs of stockings that I possess.

From a number of online hosiery retailers and direct from (link below *).

Seduction Bicolour 15 denier 100% Nylon non-stretch seam stockings in melon/blue with royal blue seam. Authentic 3 thread Edwardian seam stockings featuring a hand sewn back seam, pointed heel with decreasing open stitches and reciprocated reinforced heel and toe. Knitted in shape to curve the leg.  Priced at €16.40 (approx. £14.00).

From (link below **).

15 denier Seamed Stockings Blue Glamour H2036 with a translucent champagne leg, blue point heel, seam and deep retro style welt. Made from stretch nylon and elastane for ease of fit. Priced at £10.00.




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