We’ll drink a drink a drink To Lily the pink the pink the pink The saviour of our human race.

Today’s vintage style pick returns to lingerie and features retailers that have received recommendations from a number of lingerie enthusiasts. 

From http://www.houseofsatin.co.uk.

Forever Gatsby Camisole English Rose.

Flapper style camisole; handmade with satin and edged in floral embroidery lace, featuring satin ribbon straps with gold plated rings, slides and rosebud embellishments.  Priced at £ 55.00.

Forever Gatsby French Knickers English Rose. 

Flapper style French Knickers; handmade with luxury satin, edged in floral embroidery lace and pretty pink rosebud embellishments.  Priced at £45.00.

From http://www.foofooslippers.com.

Pink Mule with Ivory Pink tipped Sheepskin upper wrapped in a rich pink velvet base and featuring a vintage style heel. Priced at £130.00.


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