She’ll carry on through it all.  She’s a waterfall.

Welcome to today’s vintage style fashion pick. 

The Polka Dot pattern is synonymous with 1950s fashion and frequently manifests itself in the form of a circle dress or skirt. Here, more unusually, it is featured in a Pencil Skirt from (link below *).

Niagra Polka Dot Pencil Skirt available in a selection of Lady V exclusive prints, featuring a small zip fastening and button fastening at the back. Available in Sizes 8-22, these skirts are 1950s length, from 26 inches and are designed to sit just below the knee. Priced at £28.00.


Oh, I’ll be your daydream, I’ll wear your favourite things.

On the eve of the first day of April I welcome you to today’s vintage style fashion pick and a perfect Spring selection.

From (link below *). 

Hell Bunny 1950s Style Cream & Floral Button Up Leah Blouse featuring an airy cream chiffon frock covered in blooming red, pink, and white roses. A button up blouse with pearlescent buttons, subtle darts along the waist, and a front yoke that features gathers. The Peter Pan collar tops off this short sleeve separate.  The product detail suggests that the style is planted firmly in the 1940s. I would say that the style is, as suggested, 1940s based with an infusion of post war 1950s colour. Without question though the blouse emits a wonderfully vintage style femininity and glamour.

Priced  $45.00 (approx. £36.00).



I know it’s gonna take some time to get you off my mind.

Having dreamt about a vintage style light blue Polka Dot dress the choice for my next fashion pick was selected for me.

From (link below *).

Wendy Polka Dot Rockabilly Swing Dress in Light Blue featuring a V neckline, a full circle 1950’s skirt and gathers around the shoulders and waist. The dress fastens at the back with a concealed zip and is made from soft cotton with stretch. Priced at £34.99.



Feel the rhythm, check the ride. Come on along and have a real good time.

Since I arrived on Twitter in December of last year I have encountered many wonderful people that have made me feel welcome. One person’s support has shone and, today, I am pleased to say “thankyou’ and announce my first blog post collaboration in which I would like to introduce Chic Style Boutique (@chicstyleboutiq).

Christine @Rations2R_n_R. Thank you for talking with me. I am sure that everyone would love to get to know the person behind Chic Style Boutique. Please tell us about yourself.

@chicstyleboutiq.  Hi, I’m Persia.  

For a number of years I travelled – a lot! Brazil, America, Dubai, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Jamaica, plus a lot more! In more recent years, I lived in the US, where I had my son. However, I returned to the UK in March 2013, to figure out what I wanted to do. Having already worked in TV, Film, Commercials and Corporate Videos as an unknown actress, and modelled burlesque style, as well as pinup/retro with an amazing photographer more recently, I wanted to move on to my next challenge. After pondering for a few years (I can be quite indecisive!), and trying to figure out how I could work around my toddler son, I decided to start up my online store, Chic Style Boutique (CSB).

C.  It takes inspiration to start a business. Tell us about the inspiration that led you to start up Chic Style Boutique.

P.  I didn’t really have inspiration – I just took the leap! I’m spontaneous like that!

C.  From who do you take personal inspiration and motivation?

P.  There are a number of individuals I take motivation, but in particular, inspiration from. Most are iconic women, not necessarily from the fashion side of things; from Maya Angelou to Audrey Hepburn. I live by their quotes. They gave so much to those who really needed it.

C. Please tell us more about Chic Style Boutique and it’s philosophy.

P.  CSB will offer women of different sizes chic, yet affordable fashion. No one should be ashamed of what they look like, nor their size, which is why I was, and still am determined my store will continue to offer a range of sizes; UK 6-32. Also, as a vintage style enthusiast, I am pleased to confirm retro/rockabilly/1950’s style clothing will be coming soon too! Retro bags are already available, but I am currently looking for fabulous dresses to add.

C.  What products do you currently stock?

P.  The current stock consists of dresses, skirts, tops, bags, accessories and a few pieces of jewellery. Some of the clothing can be classed as a little causal but they are still chic.

C.  Are there specific reasons for your selection of the items that you stock?

P.  I selected these items because they are in line with what I consider as ‘chic’. Some clothing can be worn to the office/work, whilst others can be worn on an evening/night out with friends. They are all items I would wear myself – something I think is important when choosing stock.

C.  We would love to know your ambitions for Chic Style Boutique.

P.  I hope to expand CSB to worldwide, but we’ll see. For now, I will concentrate on the UK. I will also be running competitions soon, and a Hall of Fame style feature/noticeboard, so customers can send in images of themselves wearing their lovely items. 

C.  You seem to thrive on positivity! Do you have a mantra by which you live your life; both personal and business?
P.  I certainly do! Look after yourself, there’s only one of you. Exercise. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but you sure feel good afterward. Laugh as much as possible. Smile. Pass that smile on to a stranger as you are passing them on the street, for that smile could very well make their day. Try not to dwell on your troubles/struggles; they won’t last forever. Live as if tomorrow is your last day. And be good. Always try to be good; “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ~ Maya Angelou.

Thank you so much for chatting with me Persia. I’m sure readers will enjoy your comments as much as I have. I wish you every success with Chic Style Boutique.



A buttercup resided in the mandarin’s orchid garden.

Tomorrow I have a special blog post but I shall keep that under wraps until then.

Today I feature a single item from (link below *).

Mandarine Collar Summer Top in Black. Priced at £28.00.



Body sculpting shape wear and it’s place as the foundation on which to build a vintage inspired outfit.

Our personal choice of lingerie is as equally important as any other item of our ensemble. The choice of Spanx will be made by many, and for good reason; smoothing out and streamlining the silhouette under that figure hugging dress. 

For others the selection of more traditional lingerie will be a preference. To me retro lingerie provides a modern representation of the glamour of bygone days and, without the need of support, holds its head high as the foundation on which to build a vintage inspired outfit.

I am sure that few would challenge that the image of Sophia Loren, from the 1960s movie “The Millionairess”, would not have retained its iconic status to this day if it wasn’t for the lingerie worn.

Lingerie aficionados may point out that prior to the introduction of the mini skirt in the 1960s; the necessity for a “modernisation” of lingerie and the subsequent emancipation of women, that underwear was restrictive. 

To me the 1960s gave us underwear rather than lingerie although, thankfully, the wonderful brands and independent designers of today provide us with a wondrous choice and diversity unequalled at any time in the past.

Modern reproductions of vintage lingerie; known as vintage style or faux retro, lingerie, is readily available from a number of suppliers. 

Some of my favourite choices include:

A lingerie wardrobe is incomplete without a basque in my view and the Merry Widow Basque from What Katie Did is an ideal choice. 

Described as versatile I would not disagree . With removable bra straps it is perfect to wear under a strapless dress and with six detachable suspenders it can be worn with or without stockings.

Also from What Katie Did a Waist Cincher with eight spiral steel bones, concealed elastic waist tape, a waist cinching band and six detachable suspenders.

The Naturana Lace Cup Non Wired Open Corselette 3011 is a perfect representation of the lingerie worn by our grandmothers. The lace pattern decorations on the cups and tummy control panel provide the feminine touch that contrast an almost engineered structure. 

The Rago 1294 High Waist Open Bottom Girdle with Zipper from features boning along the sides, front and back for support and to prevent ride up. The floral lace accents in front are a simple design but are the detail that I love on shape wear.

The girdle is the staple of the retro lingerie wardrobe, its jewel in the crown and, in some respects, may be regarded as a structured suspender belt. An ideal introduction for those stepping out for the first time in retro lingerie.

From Naturana Longline Bra 8000. To me the long line bra achieves a classic look and few represent that look better than the example shown. I love the floral lace design whilst maintaining the structured look for retro lingerie. Sadly the long line bra does not suit my body shape but that does not prevent me from admiring from a distance.

Girdles come in a number of styles and, as well as the open bottom girdle, the panty girdle is a love of mine. Above is the Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Panty Girdle. Simple but elegant is surely an appropriate description; but then again I feel that, to an extent, simple but elegant is a description of all the items that I have selected. 

Each of a single colour and generally without an abundance of detail in patterns. Representative of designs that do not contain the rainbow of colours available in modern style lingerie. Structured but feminine and, in my view, splendid examples of foundation garments on which to build your vintage inspired ensemble.


I’m just a hopeless romantic the way that it seems.  I’m  always gonna fall for the guy of my dreams.

Welcome to today’s vintage style pick from (link below *).

Hearts & Roses London Green Botanical 1950s Dress featuring a tailored sweetheart neck bodice that nips in at the waist to accentuate the wearer’s curves, and a full flared skirt that flatters the figure. Made in a stretchy fabric for a comfortable fit with a zip fastening for ease of fitting.  Priced at £31.99.