A different shape every step I take.  A different mind every step of the line.

Today’s vintage style fashion pick takes a very small detour. 

Bettie Page; one of the most well known of pin-up models, first found fame in the 1950s. Like other women who have chosen pin-up and/or burlesque as their form of artistry the corset would have been an integral part of Bettie’s wardrobe.

The corset; whose history may be traced back many generations (reaching the peak of its popularity in the Victorian era), is not a garment that I specifically associate with either the 1940s or the 1950s.  I have, nevertheless, selected it as part of today’s outfit.

From https://www.amazon.com/Orchard-Corset.

Orchard Corset – Overbust Satin Corset.

Steel boned longline corset in high shine satin featuring 24 flat & spiral steel bones.  Dimensions: 15.5″ Front / 16.5″ Center Bust/ 13″ Back / 14″ Side.  Priced at  US$59.43 (approx. £48.00).

From http://www.thehouseoffoxy.com.

50s Capri Pants – Black.

1950s style high waisted capri pants made in stretchy black bengalene fabric that hug the figure. Capris crop at mid calf and feature a split on each leg.  Priced at £50.00.

From https://m.johnlewis.com.

Whistles Cornel Stiletto Heeled Court Shoes, Dark Red Suede with a full leather lining and heel height of 9.5cm (3.74″). Priced between £112.00-£124.00.

From https://poshmark.com.

VINTAGE 1950s Black Jet Bead Double Necklace.

Jet black graduated faceted beads separated by smaller beads.  Double layer with brass clasp. Approx. 16″ long.

Priced at US$30.00 (approx. £24.00).

Total cost £234-£246.


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