Welcome to Rations2Rock’n’Roll and thank you for following.

I am truly grateful for every follower of @Rations2R_n_R and especially for their  unwavering enthusiasm for retweets and likes of my content.

In a society where social media gives us easy access into the lives of complete strangers it also allows us as easily to turn our backs on them if the going gets tough, or if our views or opinions diverge. 

For those that have followed me on my journey from the beginning I say “thank you”. For those that have recently stepped on board I say “thank you and welcome”. I say this with an “old-fashioned” sincerity from someone who loves social media but yearns for the respect and manners of past times. 

Times have changed. Of course since the 1940s and 1950s, on which I report, but also since late December last year when I tentatively put the charabanc into first gear and set off on our magical mystery tour.

Thank you for travelling with me. However the tour guide is required to announce that since our departure the driver has decided upon a small, yet significant, detour on our journey. 

It goes without saying that like many of my twitter friends I have a love of vintage. 

My appreciation stretches from the arts, in the form of Hollywood films of a golden era, to bygone fashion. It is the latter that I truly appreciate and on which I intend to henceforth largely focus. It’s elegance and it’s glamour! From foundation garments to pretty circle dresses. From nylon stockings to waist cinching belts. 

It should not be overlooked that guys possessed a masculine elegance and sophistication at this time; although our attention will be solely on women’s fashion, and specifically items that I would like in my closet. 

So this is our confirmed destination. Finding the elegance and glamour of the 1940s and the 1950s fashion in film, in advertising and through modern day vintage style reproductions. In fact anywhere! 

We trust that you will stay on board. It’s going to be exciting.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Rations2Rock’n’Roll and thank you for following.”

  1. I’m sooo glad you’re broadening your horizons Christine. I have the perfect book for you, I would love to send you it. A 1948 hard-back book called the Daily Mail Film Award Annual. I’ve been adding the advertisements to my blog but the main book contains pictures of film stars and film adverts, with lists of the cast. I think this could be right up your street. Tell me what you think xxx

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