Seamed hosiery. The perfect choice for a vintage style ensemble.

In the northern hemisphere the month of March signals the arrival of spring, with carpets of colourful flowering bulbs, and the obvious lengthening of daylight. Despite its close proximity to a most pleasant of months February however often provides a last reminder of the harshness of winter. 

Regardless of the influence that the seasons have on fashion choices hosiery is not always a choice for many of us even in the chilly depths of winter.

In contrast during the golden decades of the 1940s and 1950s hosiery, and specifically stockings, were essential items without which an outfit would be incomplete. 

We are all aware that during the Second World War the shortage of “nylons” led to the women of the time mimicking the wearing of stockings. Stockings were often simulated using cosmetics, or even gravy browning, and seams drawn on the back of the legs with an eyebrow pencil. 

When recreating a vintage style outfit from the 1940s or 1950s it is therefore accurate to include stockings as part of the ensemble.
I have chosen three pairs of hosiery to compliment a retro outfit and each one for a specific reason. 

“Nude” (for light skin tones) point heel fully fashioned plain colour stockings available from 

These stockings are 100% nylon and as our mothers or grandmothers would have worn. They do not stretch so reference to the size chart on the website is important to make sure that they are the correct size as is the choice of a reliable suspender belt. 

Beige Secrets In Lace Dita Von Teese Daytime Glamour Stockings available from 

Unlike fully fashioned stockings these stretch and provide a traditional look whilst being an easier fit, and some may suggest a more comfortable fit, than non stretch seamed “nylons”. The Dita Daytime Glamour has a black welt and black faux seam in the back. An ideal choice as a introduction to seamed stockings.

Some will wish to recreate the seamed look but prefer not to wear stockings and I have selected.

Retro Contrast Seamed Tights (15 denier) available from

Inspired by 1950s seamed stockings these combine the comfort of today with the glamour of yesteryear. Perfect for those that do not wish to step out in stockings.

I hope that this blog post provides a small amount of advice.

Thanks for reading.

Christine x

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