Retro, Faux Vintage, Vintage and Vintage Style 

Retro, Faux Vintage, Vintage and Vintage Style are all terminology regularly used by businesses when advertising their “historical fashion” garments.

Is there a difference between these phrases or do they have the same meaning? In a brief blog post I hope to answer this question. 

Retro, with its roots in 1960s France is an abbreviation of retrograde (rétrograde), and imitative of a style or fashion from the past. The crucial word is “imitative”. In other words it copies the style or fashion as a modern representation. The garment itself is not old and not from the era that it attempts to represent.

On the other hand we have vintage. Vintage denotes an item from the past. Vintage garments are items that were actually manufactured in the era that they represent as opposed to being imitative of it. 

(Vintage item from the 1950s)

With Faux Retro the crucial word is “Faux” meaning “made in imitation, artificial, not genuine, fake or false”. 
With Vintage Style the word “Style” indicates that the item has a vintage appearance and is styled in a vintage manner but again is a modern reproduction. 

So Vintage equals old whilst Retro, Faux Retro and Vintage Style equals new.

Happy shopping. 


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