The circle skirt swings around the dance floor.

The hourglass figure was a dominant feature of the 1950s; the desired silhouette enhanced by the fashion of the time.

Skirts were tight at the natural waist, and fitted as such to promote the female waistline; a prominent feature of the 1950s. 

The style flattered the figure; with the fullness of the circle skirt disguising the hips, and making the waist look smaller. 

The fuller the skirt the greater the appearance of slimming the waistline; with the addition of a belt to cinch the waist enhancing the effect. 

Circle skirts were simple to make and as such often home sewn; being cut from a single piece of fabric in the shape of a doughnut. The inner circle was measured to fit the waist with the outer circle creating its fullness. When sitting the skirt would form the shape of a perfect circle.

The garment was popular with teenage dancers; providing lots of fun when twirling around the dance floor with its potential for swing movement.

Quite rightly many will consider the circle skirt as an essential garment to include in a retro/vintage wardrobe. I have heard it intimated that’s its popularity amongst teenagers of the 1950s suggests that the wearing of a circle skirt by the more mature amongst us may be a modern misrepresentation. 

Whether this is a conclusive argument or not I would prefer to consider that a lover of retro/vintage fashion is free to make her own choice and as she would with any item of clothing.

Thank you for finding the time to read this blog post.



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